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About This Project

Located within a Conservation Area, surrounded by several listed buildings, and with a large protected tree standing in the centre, this ‘back land’ site posed a significant challenge in terms of gaining planning permission for development. Indeed, the client had made a number of unsuccessful attempts to gain permission for a dwelling on the site, and therefore Oriel Architecture was brought on board to make a final attempt at exploiting the potential which the site offered.

A detailed analysis of the site and context, including historical research into the past use of the site and the development pattern in the vicinity, resulted in a design which responded to the various constraints including the retention of the protected large mature ash tree located in the middle of the site, and the need to avoid any new development being unduly overbearing in the context of adjacent buildings. The design and choice of materials were carefully chosen to be sympathetic to the area and reflect the local vernacular.  As a result of this robust site analysis and thorough design process, planning permission was eventually granted following a successful appeal.

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