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The clients for this project had considered developing their land for residential development for a number of years and had always received negative feed-back from the Planning Authority because of the rural nature of the location on the outskirts of a village without many amenities. The site is also close to the village Conservation Area and to a listed building. They therefore approached Oriel Architecture when they were seeking planning permission for a single new bungalow for themselves which would allow them to continue to live in the village they had lived in for many years.

At Oriel Architecture we were aware of changing circumstances in respect of the planning context, and were able to confidently argue in a ‘planning statement’, submitted along with the planning application, the reasons why a new dwelling on this site should be viewed as sustainable and therefore acceptable.

We advised the clients that an outline planning application would be the best way forward to establish that the principle of development for a dwelling on the site was acceptable. This would enable any issues to be raised without the costs involved of preparing a detailed design for their new home, and before the certainty that planning permission would be forthcoming.  As anticipated, several issues were raised during the planning process, but these were successfully addressed and the outline application was granted permission.

My wife and I have lived in Eastfield House, North Perrott for 11 years and during that period I had written several times to the SSDC Planning Officer asking for advice about the possibility of getting planning permission for a retirement bungalow somewhere on our 4 acres of land.  Each time I was told that permission would be very unlikely because we are next door to a Grade 2 listed cottage and in any case no further development was possible in North Perrott.   I then approached Helen and Paul Ferdinand (Oriel Architecture) in 2016 and after a site visit they gave me very helpful advice and said that they thought it might be possible to obtain Outline Planning Permission on a site next to our house. We went ahead with their suggestions and although the North Perrott Parish Council opposed the development, Outline Planning permission has now been granted by the SSDC. My wife and I have found Helen and Paul to be extremely helpful and pleasant people and their fees are very reasonable. The application was submitted in a very professional way and dealt with many points which I had not foreseen in my previous letters to the Planning Officer. I can strongly recommend them.
Professor B, North Perrott
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