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This residential property is located to the south west of Wincanton. In 2002 part of an outbuilding had been converted to provide a separate dwelling, and it was this building that the new owner wanted to use for a new business venture. The project involved securing planning permission for the change of use of the building from a residential unit to a new business use, and advertisement consent for two new signs to be installed either side of the entrance gates.

The new business was for a rehabilitation centre to provide hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to dogs following surgery or injury, and as such the use was considered to be ‘sui generis’ as it did not fall into any of the identified use classes of The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order. The proposal did not involve any significant external alteration to the building, apart from a ramp that was required at the front door to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. The entrance door also needed to be replaced in order to provide adequate width for wheelchair access and a level threshold.

Pre-application advice was sought from South Somerset District Council and the following issues needed to be addressed:

a) The potential impact on the residential amenity of the occupiers of the neighbouring properties;

b) The access, parking and turning of vehicles; and,

c) Drainage.

All these issues were addressed as part of the planning application, and planning permission was granted subject to a condition to control the number of dogs on site at any one time.